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Angeline Nyandiko

The debilitating nature of malaria puts lives under constant threat

“My name is Angelina Nyandiko. I live in Kambi Mombasa. My grandchild has been diagnosed with malaria. She has a headache and her temperature is high. She also has a stomach ache. I have been given medicine which I will give her at home. Malaria has been a big threat in the community for now close to five years. The most affected are children between the age of 2 and 5. Adults have not been spared either. The major cause of all this is the water in the rice fields. The water pools at the rice paddles are close to our homes.

I am told that when malaria strikes, the child can cry and develop fever especially on the head. We came to the hospital today where Akinyi was diagnosed with malaria. The doctor told me to give her four tablets each for three days. I don’t have a mosquito net in my house. I just sleep like that.

The child’s mother is dead and so is her father. They left behind two children with whom I live. My husband died two years ago and I have no one to take care of me either. If I don’t work we have nothing to eat.

The greatest burden of the disease is felt at the household level since my daily income is generated almost entirely from agriculture. Thus the debilitating nature of this disease puts our lives under constant threat.”