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Someday, children will grow up to be strong and healthy

“I was very sick so I came to the hospital. When I arrived, I found out that I had malaria. The people here gave me medicine. First I was given sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine tablets and then I was given artemether-lumefantrine (AL) treatment. Now I feel much better.

I want to feel healthy so that I can help my family. My family’s business is not going well because my husband is sick, my child is sick, and I am sick. We don’t have very much money now because of malaria.

I am working hard with my husband so that my children can go to school and hopefully start a business of their own someday. It’s expensive to go to school. My children do not have books now because we cannot afford them.

But I’m happy to be here today to tell my story. I am hopeful that someday my children will grow up to be strong and healthy.”